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EDU365 Program Transformasi Usahawan

Program Transformasi Usahawan

The program helps local entrepreneurs from various industries learn how to leverage digital technology to transform their businesses into a larger economy.

Pusat Ekonomi Digital Keluarga Malaysia (PEDi) Manager Training

Pusat Ekonomi Digital Keluarga Malaysia (PEDi) Entrepreneur Training

University Collaboration

KampungDigital365 and Shopla365 collaborate with Malaysia universities to empower students and rural communities.

UTAR University x PTU

Discover how our collaboration with UTAR University through the Program Transformasi Usahawan is transforming the lives of rural communities and fostering social impact of UTAR community.

Sunway College MPU Course

Integrate Shopla365 entrepreneurship program into MPU course assessment, providing hands-on experience on e-commerce business for students from Sunway College.

Sunway Education Group x PTU

Empower rural women entrepreneurs in Kampung Orang Asli with Sunway Education Group.

Shopla365 x Alibaba GDT Program

Collaboration with Alibaba Global Digital Talent (GDT) program to inspire talented and young entrepreneurs in university.

Support Malaysia Local Product Competition (University)

This competition aims to cultivate the entrepreneurial spirit of student, encouraging them to showcase, support and sell Malaysia’s local products through online e-commerce platform. For more details click the button.

All Courses

Choose from online video courses with new additions published every month

Ecommerce Course

Assisting you in gaining a deeper understanding of the functions and types of eMarketplaces, and ways to choose the appropriate eMarketplace for your business.

Hair Dressing Course

Providing students with skills and creativity that will surely make them stand out in the industry, and students will be able to learn about the basic usage of hairdressing techniques and tools.

Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC)

MDEC facilitates the adaptation of Shared Economy services & solutions for businesses and companies.

Village Digitalization Course

This initiative is in line with the government's aspiration to support more entrepreneurs in the field of technology in Malaysia.

Sourcing Guidance for Shopla365 Entrepreneurs

Learn how to complete sourcing from China and sell products online with easy steps.