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Competition 2024

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Support Malaysia Local Product Competition 2024


This competition aims to cultivate the entrepreneurial spirit of student, encouraging them to showcase, support and sell Malaysia’s local products, ESG-related products or cross-border products through online e-commerce platform. By providing a platform for students to market the products, this competition seeks to foster entrepreneurship and gain invaluable practical experience in building and managing an online business.

Competition Objectives
Competition Timeline
Award Settings
Competition Rules and Regulations

*The organizers have the rights to amend or modify the competition rules and regulations at their discretion.

  1. This competition is open for all currently enrolled university students.
  2. Participants should form a team of 5 people to join this competition.
  3. Participating teams are required to upload the products to Shopla365 e-commerce platform for selling. ONLY sales and orders made through the Shopla365 e-commerce platform will be considered valid for the competition.
  4. The products selected for selling can be packaging food, handicrafts, apparel etc. Fresh products are not allowed.
  5. Participating teams are required to showcase the products on various social media platforms. Participating teams can create creative content in the form of posts, stories, reels or videos to creatively promote the products and engage with potential customers.
  6. Participating teams have the option to join the competition as Shopla365 affiliates and sell Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) related products such as floor mats or keropok food made by rural women entrepreneurs and qualified to compete for Social Impact Award.
  7. Participating teams are required to achieve a minimum of 100 transactions, including the sales of local products, cross-border products, and/or ESG related products, during the competition only qualified to compete for the awards and receiving participation certificates.
  8. Participating teams are allowed to source products from AliExpress and sell the products through Shopla365 e-commerce platform.
  9. At the end of the competition, each participating team is required to submit a report. The report submission link is available at Edu365 under the course “Support Malaysia Local Products Competition. This report should include the following details: Total number of transactions throughout the competition period. Total sales revenue throughout the competition period. Links to the social media content created for promoting the products.
Example of Participation Certificate

Support Malaysia Local Product (University)

Competition 2024

1 April 2024 (Monday)


1 April - 30 August 2024